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In more and more places in the Netherlands one can go for a “sports massage”. When being a sport masseur you can start your own practice and become (partial) financial independent. It is also possible to work as a massage therapist at a sports club, a physiotherapist practice, a fitness center, a wellness center, spa, recreation resorts and swim centers. In short: everywhere (sports) massage and care are appreciated and valued.
It is hard to imagine a world of sports without a sports masseur. More and more sport clubs, at both recreational and professional level, will hire a sports masseur. They see the benefit of a good masseur, who will work together with the athletes to prevent injuries. Also since the rise of endurance sports as the marathon and triathlon, the individual athlete is looking for a sports masseur to advise them about training, clothing, nutrition and to provide a massage after a training and/or race. Slowly, an awareness is growing with athletes about taking care of their own health.
So it makes sense that there is more demand for trained masseurs to fulfill this task.


The Sports Massage course does have the following subjects:

  • Anatomy (build of the human body)
  • Kinematics (mouvement theory)
  • Physiology (function of the human body)
  • Exercise physiology
  • Theory Massage
  • Massage in practice
  • Anamnesis
  • Inspection
  • Function tests
  • Taping and bandaging
  • First Aid for Sports Accidents
  • Resuscitation and AED

Prior education

There are no inflow requirements for the education of sports massage. The education is at MBO level (secondary vocational education).

Study load

Ca. 7 hours a week, on top of the lessons. Number of study hours is dependend on a.o. prior education and recent study experience.

Educational resources – materials – further support

  • Course book Sports massage and Care MSP Opleidingen
  • Sesam atlas van de Anatomie, dl 1, het bewegingsapparaat
  • flacon massage lotion Naqi sport 200 ml;
  • sports care package
  • online tool “Exam training theory exam Sportmassage”
  • online tool “Hand grips and demonstrations Sportmassage”
  • dvd “Functional testing Sports massage”
  • digital educational environment with powerpoints of the classes
  • CPR certificate
  • online practice exam Anatomy, Fysiology and Sports massage as preparation for the theoretical exam
  • test exam theory
  • Including: free membership Masseurs Netwerk Nederland (basic member) worth € 25,– during the period until 1 July of the running course.


To educate and train students to become a qualified sports masseur. During the course you will also obtain the certificate for CPR and AED.


Our experienced team of teachers consists of human movement scientists, (sports) physiotherapists, doctors and sport masseurs will be there for you. We like to train you to become a sports masseur with confidence, responsibility and competence.

Completion of the training

You can complete the training sports massage with either a diploma or a certificate.

  • Exam
    The exam Sports massage consists of a theoretical and practical part. When you pass, you will receive the Diploma Sports Massage.
    The exam Sportmassage of ACE Algemeen Centrum van Examinering is equivalent to the exam Sports massage of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage. With your ACE diploma you can become a member of the NGS if you want to. You can also participate to the modern platform for all masseurs of the Netherlands: Masseurs Netwerk Nederland.
  • Certificate
    If you don’t want to do an official exam, you can complete the training with a certificate. You can apply for a certificate when your presence of the lessons is at least 80%, and the teacher considers you competent to put theory into practice. Apply for the certificate via the form of MSP Opleidingen, citing “certificate sports massage”.

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